Other Services

Router and Computer Cloning

Some government agencies have special needs and they require multiple computers or router to be identically configured. Sometimes a new equipment needs to be configuration to match with existing older device, but due to indifference of specification it is hard to do so. Our cloning service will help you get as close as possible to your target or existing device, so you can obtain similar configuration in most economical and quickest way possible.

Asset Management, Asset Tagging & Theft Prevention

Sometimes it is needed to secure equipment and prevent all portable devices from being removed from a station. We provide services and devices which will give the highest level of security in public environment. We also carry state of the art LoJack which will enable you to locate stolen devices as well.

Software Installation

  • Install and configure software with updates 
  • Install recent releases of operating system and other software on your PC
  • Test operating system and all other software and hardware for functionality
  • Install and Configure customer specific software and applications
  • Install internet security software 
  • Side-by-side personalization of the client's device 
  • Create a restore disc or a USB restore device using the pre-installed restore media iPad/Tablet & Mobile Device Services.

iPad/Tablet (Android or windows) or E-Reader Setup

  • Apps configuration and installation, Installation of latest firmware/OS
  • Install of a protective screen shield on your iPad or other tablet 
  • Configuration on mass deployment apps.

PC Relocation and Hookup Services

  • Set up, connect and configure computer systems to make sure they function properly on your new location 
  • Configure system at new location so it duplicate functionality with existing or new Network