Our Team

US Computers always employ qualified, experienced and trained professionals as staff and consultants.

Uzma Sheikh, President, has a vast experience in technical training, engineering and management, and is involved in the daily operation of the company and heads the organization. She holds the degree of B.S. Engineering. She is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer and also A+ Certified by CompTIA.

Saleem Sheikh is serving as Vice President and CEO for US Computers, Inc. Mr. Sheikh has vast experience in the fields of training, management and production. He has worked at different levels of Production and Management and in the areas of Technical training, Technical Correlation, Customer Services, and Marketing Strategy for major corporations in Southern California. He holds the degrees of B.S. Engineering and MBA and is also Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer and also A+ certified by CompTIA. 

Our staff and consultants are always available to ensure that our client and make sure that all of the latest demand of the current market is met. 

Saleem Sheikh, MBA, B.S. Engineering, A+ Certified, MCP, MCSE, MCP+I, MCT: Instructor & Admin

Uzma Sheikh, B. S. Engineering, A+ Certified, MCP, MCSE, MCP+I, MCT : Instructor and Admin

Adrianne Ballif, Team Leader, Marketing & Business Development

Farrukh Waseem, Technical Team, B.S. Engineering, MCP, MCSE, MCP+I, Network+ Certified, A+ Certified, CCNA, MCT, CCIE: Seven years of experience in networking and technology for large Multimillion-Dollar companies.

Mansoor Ahmad, Technical Team, M.S. Computer Science, Microsoft Certified SQL Server, Microsoft Certified C, Seventeen+ years’ experience data Base Development and Administration 

Naveen Mubrak, Technical Team, M.S (MIS), M.B.A., Research and Development. Seven years experience

Srinivasa Velambur, Technical Team, B.S, Engineering, MCSE, MCDBA, Oracle OCP, Novel Netware, 16 years of experience in IT, 14 years of experience in Data Base management

Faraz Waseem, Technical Team, B.S. Engineering, M.S. Computer Science, MS Information Technology, Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun certified Java Architect, 13 years of experience with large Multimillion-Dollar companies. Including IBM, Verizon, Medtronic 

Farhat Iftikhar, Book keeping & Data Management, Bachelor Degree, A+ Certified, MCP, MCT

Trang Ha

Afsheen Iftikhar, Technical Team, M.S. Computers Electrical Engineering, expertise as software engineer, ten years’ experience in Software

Wardah Jamal, Technical Team, B.S. Electrical Engineering, M.S Electrical Engineering , Five years of technical Experience

Anbreen Farrukh, B.S Engineering, MCP, MCSE, Eight years of Experience in Database and QC

Amin Iftikhar, Technical Team, Eight years experience in training and technical field

Claudia Anaya, Sales Representative, Bachelor Degree

Nicholas Mirkovich, Sales Representative

Johnathan Olvera, Technical Team

Sonny Vo, Technical Team

US Computers is a GSA and a CMAS Contract holder. For the last 15 years we have been providing customized solutions to State and Federal Agencies to help in solving the Information Technology and Assistive Technology needs nationwide.

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